Lip Enhancement

Many women lament the fact that they were born with thin lips. Strax offers various lip augmentations that can change these thin lips into thick, luscious movie-star lips.

During lip augmentation, collage or fat injections or implants make the lips fuller. The procedure is so simple that it takes less than an hour, and it can be done with local anesthetic. Though it’s a simple procedure, its results are dramatic.

Some lip enhancement techniques are temporary and some are permanent. Temporary lip augmentation is done with injections and need to be repeated every 6-9 months.

The PermaFacial Lip Enhancement is a revolutionary new, permanent lip implant. The implant is made of soft silicone that cannot break or deflate. The implant is custom made for each specific patient. The lip implant is permanent, but it can be removed if the patient wants to again change the way they look.

Speak to a Strax expert about lip augmentation. Strax is the largest plastic surgery in the entire United States. Choose from 12 expert, board certified surgeons. At Strax you get quality plastic surgery at low prices and with flexible payment options.

PermaFacial™ Lip Enhancement

Lip enhancement techniques may be separated into two kinds: temporary and permanent.

Temporary techniques require the use of injectable fillers repeated every 6-9 months to maintain their appearance.

Permanent techniques generally involve the use of injectable gel, fat or implants.

As a result of limitations associated with existing enhancement techniques, extensive research has led to the creation and development of the PermaFacial™ implant, a revolutionary new implant used for lip enhancement.
For lips, PermaFacial™ implant is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The variety of patient needs that can be addressed with the Perma procedure is immense.

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