Chin Implant

Chin Implant

Mentoplasty – Chin Implant and Reduction Procedures

Mentoplasty is a form of plastic surgery that involves the reformation and reconstruction of the chin. It is usually performed on patients who wish to strengthen their facial profile and achieve more balanced features. Two main categories fall under this procedure— chin implant surgery or chin augmentation for small and receding chins, and chin reduction for large or protruding chins.

Standard Procedures for Chin Surgery

The aesthetics of the face require that each feature is in harmony with the others, with the chin being in balance with the forehead and the nose. If the chin is too small (microgenia) or too large (macrogenia) it can negatively affect this balance.

There are several options available for patients who want to undergo aesthetic chin surgery. These procedures mostly involve changing the bony structure of the jaw and creating a stronger, more defined and balanced facial profile. Mentoplasty can also be done to make the chin wider, or to slightly lengthen the face.
Chin reduction surgery is usually done on men and women with chins that are protruding or are too large (macrogenia) that they detract from other normal facial features. It helps improve the balance of the face, as it reshapes the mandible and reduces the prominence of the chin. Optimum facial balance is determined by the surgeon by measuring the proportions of the upper, mid, and lower face.

Chin augmentation, on the other hand, is performed on men and women with weak or receding chins (microgenia). It places biocompatible implants over the bone structure of the lower jaw to build a better facial profile for the patient. Implants of various sizes, shapes, and materials are available and are chosen depending on the changes desired by the patient, as well as the technique used by the surgeon.

Chin Implant

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Am I a good candidate for mentoplasty/aesthetic chin surgery?

If you have a mildly weak or protruding chin with normal function and are seeking a permanent solution to your needs, chin augmentation or reduction surgery may be the plastic surgery treatment for you. As with all surgical procedures, the best candidates for mentoplasty are those wanting to improve their appearance and are also psychologically stable, in good physical health, and realistic in their expectations.

For more information on chin reduction or chin implant surgery in Florida, and to learn more about the other plastic surgery procedures and services offered by Strax Rejuvenation, click here.

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