Rhinoplasty – Not just a vanity treatment


A rhinoplasty is often referred to as a nose job, but the procedure is much more involved than enhancing the shape of the nose.
Recovery times vary, but usually run between 1 to 3 weeks.


  • Nasal Trauma
  • Respiratory Impediment
  • Congenital Defect
  • Aesthetic Enhancement

Treatment Description:

Interestingly, rhinoplasty has been practiced for centuries. There are two methods that can be employed, either open or closed rhinoplasty. A closed rhinoplasty does not use any external incisions in the treatment process.

Whether you live in or plan to visit Florida, a rhinoplasty can be performed professionally and accurately by making an appointment with Strax Rejuvenation, the nation’s largest provider of cosmetic surgery. With over a dozen renowned, board-certified cosmetic surgeons from which to choose, in conjunction with an extremely affordable cost, you will simply not find a better choice anywhere else.


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Will It Work For You?

Many factors come into play when determining the effectiveness of this procedure. Of course, in extreme conditions, such as congenital defects, there is no doubt that this will work for you. However, as with any surgical treatment, the state of your body and mind is crucial towards determining the overall success. Consult with Strax Rejuvenation today to see how we can make this work for you.

How to Get Started

When you are ready to get a rhinoplasty, Florida is the place to be. Strax Rejuvenation will be able to meet with you and assist you in selecting the surgeon best suited to your needs and personality. A high comfort level with the professional who will be performing surgery on you is very important, so you will be provided plenty of time with the surgeon so that you can ask any questions on your mind. Additionally, finding an affordable yet trustworthy solution to your physical needs keeps the level of stress manageable. At Strax Rejuvenation, you will find our costs to be reasonable, and our financing options will make this a breeze for you.

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