Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

As woman age and after childbirth several things may occur:

  • Hormone production diminishes
  • The vaginal wall may thin, become inflamed, dry or even become more rigid and more lax.
  • Lubrication decreases, leading to itchiness, dryness and discomfort – especially during intercourse
  • collagen fibers gradually degrade and diminish, reducing vaginal elasticity.

Juliet stimulates your body to help naturally reverse the effects of aging.  Here are some frequently asked questions and why you should visit Juliet for Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation.

Predictable Results

In the European studies, hundreds of patients were successfully treated with the Erbium:YAG laser. Previously only available in Europe and South America, now this exceptional treatment is available for you. The number of sessions varies by patient. Studies show that results may be noticed after the very first session. Even so, the typical recommendation is a series of sessions which are spaced 30 to 60 days apart.

Adjustable to Each Patient

According to each individual patients needs, the laser has the unique ability to independently control the vaporization and coagulation of the aged tissue.

Simple Procedure

The procedure does not require incisions or sutures and can be performed in just a few minutes in a physicians office or outpatient center. Treatment does not usually require any anesthesia.  However a numbing cream can be used if a patient prefers.

Effectively Turn Back The Time

The computer-controlled laser heats the damaged collagen fibers. studies indicate that his stimulates your body to produce new Type III collagen, which is more elastic and helps thicken the layers to aide in retaining lubrication.

Results That Last

The energy it targets both mucosa and sub mucoas layers for improvement. Studies report that patients have remained free of symptoms well over 180 days after the first treatment.

What to Expect After Treatments. 

The laser stimulates your body to rejuvenate itself. While many patients report immediate results the results are the most noticeable about six weeks after the end of the treatment protocol. Some women report temporary side effects which include slight redness or swelling. That will usually subside within a few days.

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