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Plastic Surgery

What it takes to be a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

People may seek plastic surgery for various reasons. Some are just not happy with their looks
while others may have some health concerns that require such a procedure. Other issues may
be due to an accident or some type of disfigurement. Despite the reasoning behind choosing to
have plastic surgery, most people are concerned about the surgeon doing the procedure and if
that surgeon is board certified, although most do not know what that means when choosing their

To become a board certified plastic surgeon, the doctor first graduates from an accredited
medical school and then continue with at least five additional years as a resident surgeon.
That includes residency in all areas of surgery plus an additional two years devoted to plastic
surgery. Since becoming certified is a choice, the doctor must then choose to take and pass oral
exams and a comprehensive written test before becoming board certified.

It is the American Board of Plastic Surgery that determines and assesses the training and
certification of reconstructive and plastic surgeons. They are the only board of plastic surgery
that is approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Their strict requirements are that
the surgeon seeking to be board certified complete an approved residency in plastic surgery
plus pass vigorous written and oral tests. All these requirements along with experience and high
quality skills in the field of plastic surgery will grant that surgeon the status of board certification.

The Strax Rejuvenation center offers high quality plastic surgery by some of the best board
certified plastic surgeons, all highly experienced with the best safety record. A plastic surgeon
vows to promote ethical, safe and efficacious surgery by upholding high standards of education,
certification and maintenance of plastic surgeons, which is part of their mission statement
of The American Board of Plastic Surgery. With 8 board certified plastic surgeons, the Strax
Rejuvenation center is one of the busiest in its field with very affordable prices. All these
dedicated doctors have unique skills in particular fields of cosmetic procedures.

When entering the center, patients participate in choosing their plastic surgeon for greater
success and satisfaction. When there are multiple procedures being performed, more than
one surgeon may service that particular patient. Before any surgical procedures are done, the
patient can have consultations with various plastic surgeons in order to get the right match
between that patient and doctor.

Strax Rejuvenation and its board certified plastic surgeons have performed over 40,000
procedures in the past 7 years, more than many other surgery centers nationwide. Some of
the services they provide are Lap bands, arm, thigh and Brazilian butt lifts, tummy tucks and
liposuction. They do breast augmentations, lifts and reductions along with face and brow lifts,
eyelid surgery, laser hair removal, skin care and so much more. They have some of the best
state of the art sterilization and laser equipment. A majority of the center’s patients are the result
of personal referrals from satisfied past patients.

Before having plastic surgery at any facility, you must give much thought and consideration
regarding the surgeon that will do the procedure. The decision to have plastic surgery can be difficult and you want results that meet your expectations. You deserve to get the best
service possible by the best plastic surgeon. A board certified plastic surgeon has the highest
of qualifications to achieve your goals with little side effects after the procedure. If you want to
be sure your plastic surgeon of choice is board certified, you can go to the American Board of
Plastic Surgery
website and search by name.

The Strax Rejuvenation philosophy is to allow the surgeons to focus on their expertise, surgery,
and not to be impaired by extemporaneous business oriented situations that distract from their
ability to narrow their attention to your medical treatment. The surgeons and staff believe that
you deserve to look and feel your best. Plastic surgery does not have to be an option just for the
privileged or wealthy. That is why they have the most highly qualified doctors and friendly staff
while still offering affordable service with easily approved financing.

Strax Rejuvenation has a positive atmosphere to give patients the confidence and will they need
to achieve their goals to look and feel better. They believe that you should feel comfortable with
all the nurses and your plastic surgeon so that you will look and feel happy and content. This
can be achieved through open communication with all who are caring for you, especially your
own board certified plastic surgeon. For more information please visit our contact page.

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