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Strax Rejuvenation Industry Pioneers in Plastic Surgery

Strax Rejuvenation is a Florida-based practice of highly trained and certified plastic surgeons that perform an astounding 40,000 procedures every year. From breast augmentation, lap bad surgery, and other common procedures, Strax provides the highest quality cosmetic services the nation over. Strax is not a practice that just has one or two doctor's, taking only a select number of insurances and charging through the roof. It is more akin to a traditional doctor's practice where a large number of practitioners work under the same roof.

Their highly trained and skilled doctor's have renowned credentials, doctor's graduating from Cornell, the University of Florida, Harvard and so on. These are some of the most respected and highly trained plastic surgeons in the nation, coming from institutions of higher education that are known for providing the best and latest knowledge and skill to their students. These highly skilled doctors have dedicated their lives to providing the best plastic surgery and after care to their patients and strive to offer services to the greater population, not just those with fat wallets.

The collaborative environment of Strax Rejuvenation attracts plastic surgeons from around the nation, known for its positive atmosphere and real attention to patient care. They are known for a patient-centered environment and collaborative working that allows for continuing knowledge and the best patient care possible. It is easy to see why doctor's come from far and away to be part of this revolutionary way of providing plastic surgery options.

One aspect of Strax that really sets them apart from any other cosmetic surgery office in the area is their mission to provide services to those who would not otherwise be able to afford them. Having many doctor's in one office helps to keep down the costs of procedures, savings that Strax passes along to patients.

They offer financing options that many other practices do not provide, allowing for patients to make payment plans and finance their procedures at affordable rates. The costs of these procedures being lower to begin with makes it all the more accessible to more people.

Strax works with a number of different charitable organizations and community groups which work together to raise funds to provide lower cost cosmetic surgery services to deserving individuals in the community. The overall costs of the their procedures tend to be lower due to the group nature of the practice and by working with local community organizations, they can further provide more low- or no-cost procedures to more members of the community who would love to have access to these services, but simply cannot afford them.

This has led many to come from personal practices to join Strax and has caused a bit of a ruckus within the cosmetic surgery community around the Florida region. The main reason for their ability to provider lower cost services is due to something called the economies of scale. To break it down into simple terms, a private practitioner is just one person and they are responsible for all the costs associated with doing business.

When the number of people working in an office is multiplied, these costs are spread out evenly across the number of people who practice there, lowering the overall cost of an individual doing business. These savings make a big difference and as a result allow them to provide the same procedures, of the same level of quality that other practices provide.

This has led to many in the plastic surgery community to complain about their inability to match the prices offered by Strax. Strax drives down the costs of these services and charge prices that a private, individual practitioner could not charge and still make a profit. However, this lowering of costs means that more people can afford the surgery and it broadens access to cosmetic surgery to a broader portion of the community. Perhaps this model of a cosmetic surgery office, that works similar to a traditional clinic model, will catch on with more practitioners.

Strax Rejuvenation offers a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries and medically necessary surgeries such as lap band and other weight loss surgery. From breast augmentations to skin grafts, the highly educated and skilled specialists at Strax Rejuvenation have the ability to provide complex and sophisticated services.

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